Annual Report 2022
During a «media training» session of the “PACT” programme (Active Participation of Tunisian Citizens). © Asma Ben Garga / Fondation Hirondelle

Tunisia – Journalist training and local governance

Since 2020, Fondation Hirondelle has been implementing the media component of the PACT programme – “Active Participation of Tunisian Citizens” – in consortium with the Danish organization NIRAS. Our teams are working to expand civic space and promote dialogue between citizens and governments, for a real co-construction of public action in west-central Tunisia. Through a mentoring program, we support the production and regular dissemination of information on local governance through a network of 18 journalists working for 13 local media. In addition, the heads of seven municipal councils have benefited from personalized media training to better communicate public information.

Financial Volume

181 188 CHF

Sources of Funding

• NIRAS (Switzerland SDC mandate)

The overall objective of the PACT programme is to help strengthen local democracy within the framework of the decentralization process in Tunisia, by promoting a structured dialogue around local administration, involving all stakeholders. Seven municipalities have been helped organize community forums to decide on priority projects. Fondation Hirondelle set up and trained a network of 18 local journalists, including correspondents from the semi-state agency Tunis Afrique Presse. This support has enabled them to improve their knowledge and professional skills. The media can thus become real tools for information and monitoring of public policies, promoting greater accountability, dialogue and mutual trust.

The latter goal underlies the general approach of the project. To contribute to the autonomy of young elected officials in the exercise of their democratic mandate, Fondation Hirondelle provided them with media training giving them keys to create or solidify a network of exchanges between them and the press, promoting good public information and debate at the local level.

In this first three-year phase, activities focused on five governorates in the central-west region: Kairouan, Le Kef, Siliana, Kasserine, and Sidi Bouzid (representing nearly 20% of the Tunisian population). A second phase will be implemented over the period 2023-2027, which will expand the action to the governorate of Gafsa and focus on those leading community development projects for civil society. Media will be involved to promote dialogue and the emergence of solutions by and for the population.