Annual Report 2023
A Studio Yafa journalist reporting in the streets of Ouagadougou. © Olympia de Maismont / Fondation Hirondelle



Many analysts today speak of a turning point in history. This change of era is also evident in the various fields and actions undertaken by Fondation Hirondelle. Humanitarian space, freedom of expression and the space for free and independent media are shrinking. “Fake news” and “deep fakes” make it more difficult to inform people objectively. All our projects can be weakened by this, and must withstand ever-increasing pressure. Thanks to our committed and courageous colleagues, we are able to face up to the obstructive attempts that threaten us from all sides.

The changing times also affect international law. Transparent, comprehensible information is essential if international justice is to be intelligible. Thanks to our online media Justice Info, specialists, journalists and the general public can follow the most emblematic trials and better understand the issues involved in international and transitional justice.

Freedom of the press and respect for the law remain two pillars to which Fondation Hirondelle is committed, thanks in particular to the support of our donors.


Tony Burgener
Chairman of the Fondation Hirondelle Board


In 2023, Fondation Hirondelle teams worked on the organization’s next strategy for the period 2025-2028. Looking ahead and developing responses to situations as they are now emerging – linked to shrinking public spaces and independent, free voices, the rise of misinformation and disinformation, and the meteoric arrival of artificial intelligence in organizations and newsrooms – has led us to reaffirm our fundamentals and imagine new models for action.

The fundamentals remain of public service journalism by trained, professional men and women working in locally-rooted media that provide them with the working environment they need to fulfil their mission. These fundamentals remain just as valid, as does our indepth, adaptive knowledge of the audiences we serve, of their needs, aspirations and means of accessing useful content that enables them to take action.

Local media players are at the heart of our approach, as they are in the best position to act, both in moments of informational urgency and over the longer term to help build fairer, more inclusive societies. Fondation Hirondelle will bring agility, skills and solidity to its media and partners. To support us in our mission, we have rooted even more firmly in our action advocacy on the social role of the media, and research into the media’s various impacts.

Caroline Vuillemin
CEO, Fondation Hirondelle