Annual Report 2023
Correspondents from Studio Sifaka, Fondation Hirondelle’s partner in Madagascar, receive journalism training. © Iako Randrianarivelo / Fondation Hirondelle.

Madagascar – Studio Sifaka

Created in 2019 by Fondation Hirondelle with United Nations support, Studio Sifaka produces radio and web content for young Madagascans. Since July 2021, Studio Sifaka has become an independent NGO pursuing its commitment to helping better access to news.

The project provides daily programming unique in Madagascar, lasting two hours and broadcast by a nationwide network of 50 radio partners. It includes a national and regional news bulletin, as well as features and programmes offering advice (on health, employment, the environment, etc.), dialogue, music and Malagasy culture. The content is produced by a group of young Malagasy journalists, editors, presenters and technicians. Productions are also shared on the studio’s website and social networks.

Key Figures 2023

730 hours of broadcasting per year
69 media professionals trained
50 radio partners
94 000 users on social media

Financial Volume

435,121 CHF

Sources of Funding

• Switzerland (SDC Programme contribution)
• European Union


Madagascar is an extremely poor country, with 75% of the population living on less than $2 a day, and a human capital index among the lowest in the world. It is also a young country, with 60% of the population under 25. Among those aged 15 to 24, 70% are illiterate, mainly in rural areas. The country’s young population represents an opportunity for development, but also a huge challenge in terms of education, training, employability, health and civic engagement, particularly in 2023, the year of the presidential election.

To meet these challenges, in 2023 Studio Sifaka continued to produce two hours of daily radio programmes: news bulletins; features on a range of issues like health, the economy, sport and culture; reports and debates. The “Young People’s Debate”, produced and broadcast three times a week, focused on issues of democratic process. It enabled young people to obtain key information on, for example, the progress of the presidential election and the candidates’ programmes.

I find Studio Sifaka’s programmes very interesting. You cover almost every theme of interest to young people. My favourite programme is Ketrika Sy Kadra, where we can hear different business ideas and testimonials from young start-ups.
Christian Rakotomanga, listener in Antsirabe

The network of broadcasting partners expanded in 2023, from 40 to 50 radios, covering 22 out of 23 regions and almost 63% of the population. Collaboration with the social enterprise Viamo has made it possible to broadcast some of the content chosen by the editorial team on a free telephone number available nationwide.

Studio Sifaka has been strengthened both organizationally (training in management and project management) and editorially (coaching in the basics of journalism, how to lead a debate, how to present a news bulletin), as well as through the development of its listener clubs, now numbering 25.

In 2024, Studio Sifaka will continue to produce radio programming with a view to strengthening the role of young people in Madagascar’s political and decision-making processes. This will include local and national news, programmes on training and employment issues, health, environmental issues and good citizenship education, with an increased number of text versions for the Web and social networks.

© Iako Randrianarivelo / Fondation Hirondelle