Annual Report 2023
A journalist from Studio Kalangou reporting on the streets of Niamey in Niger. © Apsatou Bagaya / Fondation Hirondelle.

Niger – Studio Kalangou

Studio Kalangou, launched in 2016, produces three hours of daily radio programming about Niger. Today, it offers news bulletins in five languages (French, Haoussa, Zarma, Tamashek and Fulfuldé), cultural programmes, debates and magazines.

Thirty journalists are in charge of these different programmes, supported by a network of some 50 correspondents in the country’s eight regions. The studio’s broadcasting network is made up of 52 private and community radio partners, reaching 70% of Niger’s population. Studio Kalangou provides them with financial support and capacity-building in journalistic, technical and managerial fields.

Key Figures 2023

980 hours of broadcasting per year
792 journalists, technicians and managers trained
3.4 million listeners per week
135,800 listeners on social networks
74 % listener trust rate

Financial Volume

2,241,210 CHF

Sources of Funding

• Switzerland (SDC mandate)
• Germany (MOFA)
• United Kingdom (FCDO – CSSF)
• Income generated
• IFPIM- International Fund for Public Interest Media
• Switzerland (SDC programme contribution)
• Germany (GIZ – ProRES)
• European Union
• Czech Republic (MOFA)
• United States Embassy
• Fondation du Domaine de Villette, France & Thierry Lombard


The military coup of July 26, 2023 in Niger led to the dissolution of the main state institutions, including suspension of the Maison de la Presse. The sanctions imposed by ECOWAS and UEMOA have had a major impact on the economy, and the country has faced an unprecedented wave of disinformation.

Against this backdrop, Studio Kalangou worked on its digital strategy to reach new audiences, increase interaction with its audience and combat disinformation. To respond to the strong growth in the use of social networks in Niger, in December Studio Kalangou developed its “WhatsApp Club”, a key messaging application in this country which is often used to spread fake news. This enables us to reach a younger, urban audience, who are less regular radio listeners.

A third hour of programming called “Le Niger sur Kalangou” was launched at the start of 2023. This midday programme offers general interest and entertainment content. It has met with great success, particularly in remote areas.

This programme brings about change because it encourages children to speak up and understand their rights. Young girls can now say no to forced marriage, and to any proposal from their parents that doesn’t guarantee them a better future, free from violence..
Listener of Azourou radio of Tchirozerine

Following the coup d’Etat, in 2023, Studio Kalangou received editorial coaching on journalism in crisis situations and support on the role of media in violence prevention. Support for partner media through editorial, technical and managerial training has enabled 792 journalists, technicians and media managers to be trained.

In 2024, Studio Kalangou will boost its coverage of climate issues by publishing local information geared towards solutions for vulnerable populations. In response to energy issues, Studio Kalangou has moved to solar power, and aims to support its partners in making the same transition. Studio Kalangou journalists will be trained in writing documentary series, while our media partners will receive training on running debates and forums, photojournalism, factchecking and radio equipment maintenance.

A Studio Kalangou journalist reporting in the streets of Niamey, Niger. © Apsatou Bagaya / Fondation Hirondelle.
A Studio Kalangou journalist reporting in the streets of Niamey, Niger. © Apsatou Bagaya / Fondation Hirondelle.