Annual Report 2023
A Radio Ndeke Luka journalist reports from Bangui in the Central African Republic. © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / Fondation Hirondelle.

Central African Republic – Radio Ndeke Luka

Radio Ndeke Luka, created in 2000 by Fondation Hirondelle, is the most listened-to radio station in the Central African Republic. It broadcasts live 24/7 in French and Sango via a dozen FM transmitters, and collaborates with some 20 community radio stations. It is also present on Canal+ Afrique and social networks.

Over nearly 25 years, Radio Ndeke Luka has built itself up as a public service institution, helping to solve vital, everyday problems in a country facing crises and governance challenges. With a team of around 100 employees, it produces and broadcasts a variety of content, including 13 daily newscasts, debates, educational programmes, entertainment, music and features.

Key Figures

8,760 hours of broadcasting per year
125 media professionals trained
2.4 million listeners (2022)
53,000 users on social media
78 % listener trust rate

Financial Volume

3,276,715 CHF

Sources of Funding

• European Union
• Switzerland (Project contribution)
• Switzerland (SDC Programme contribution)
• Income generated
• Hirondelle USA


Political tensions along with the economic and social crisis have continued to fuel an unstable security environment in the Central African Republic. In this fragile context, the role of independent media is essential in helping to bring about lasting peace and reconciliation at national, local and community level. Yet the Central African media sector, characterized by its technical and economic fragility, is highly exposed to the risk of manipulation for geopolitical reasons, and to the wave of disinformation facing the country.

Faced with these complex challenges, Radio Ndeke Luka (RNL) and its radio partners have developed a programme of information and dialogue, taking the changing political and security context into account as well as the population’s needs for reconciliation and recovery. RNL has promoted local information, given communities a voice, and covered the link between decisions taken in Bangui and their effects in the regions. Topics covered have included issues of national importance (reconciliation process, sustainable peace) and the day-to-day concerns of Central Africans (access to basic social services, mobility, specific problems of minorities).

I really liked the on-air coverage throughout the day. It was very professional. Keep training talented and professional journalists, so that we can all enjoy listening to local and national radio!
Chevignon Wayne Gueret, listener in Bangui, on RNL’s coverage of July 30 referendum vote

RNL broadcasts on 100.9 FM from its transmitters in Bangui, Bambari, Bangassou, Beloko, Berberati, Birao, Bossangoa, Bouar, Bozoum, Bria, Mobaye, Ndele and Obo. Its presence on Canal Satellite Afrique gives it national coverage. The radio can also be streamed from its website.

Editorial and technical teams and managers from RNL and partner radio stations received training throughout the year: 70% of managers have received training in managerial and leadership skills and 85% of correspondents have benefited from ongoing training.

2024 will see implementation of educational strategies to combat disinformation and hate messages, through community awareness-raising sessions and interventions at schools in Bangui and provincial towns, as well as on radio and social networks.

A Radio Ndeke Luka journalist edits sound for broadcast on Radio Ndeke Luka, the leading radio in Central African Republic. © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / Fondation Hirondelle.
A Radio Ndeke Luka journalist edits sound for broadcast on Radio Ndeke Luka, the leading radio in Central African Republic. © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu / Fondation Hirondelle.