Annual Report 2022
A Frontier Myanmar journalist prepares the Doh Athan podcast in the studio. © Lam Duc Hien / Fondation Hirondelle.

Myanmar – Doh Athan

Since 2017, Fondation Hirondelle has been producing a human rights podcast in partnership with Frontier Myanmar, a Burmese online news magazine. Doh Athan, “Our Voice,” is a weekly podcast in the Burmese language accompanied by videos and articles in English for the web and social networks. The programme covers human rights abuses in Myanmar and on the Thai border, where thousands of Burmese have fled repression by the military junta in power since 2021. Production is by Frontier’s team as well as local reporters and media partners from Myanmar’s different states, regions and ethnicities. The programme is broadcast online via social media, as well as on Voice of America radio in Myanmar. Journalism training is also provided to Frontier and partner media. Since late 2021, Frontier has been working in Thailand, where it had to relocate to protect its team.

Financial Volume

262 370 CHF

Sources of Funding

• Switzerland (SDC Programme contribution)
• Büchi Foundation


The February 1, 2021 coup d’état has resulted in massive human rights violations. The army has engaged in a merciless crackdown, arresting over 10,000 activists. In July 2022, for the first time in 30 years, the country implemented the death penalty. In March 22, the regime enacted the Myanmar Police Force Law, which introduced a series of new criminal restrictions, many of which limit freedom of expression and assembly.

Indeed, little civic and democratic space remains. The quality of journalism and media content has deteriorated. There is a rise in increasingly polarized media, some of which try to attract attention with sensationalist and poorly sourced content. Journalists’ salaries are declining, and the country lacks adequate training for junior reporters and mid-senior level journalists. Yet professional media is essential to report on the complexity of violence and its impact on society in the country.

In this context, our Doh Athan podcast has continued to promote quality journalism that provides access to in-depth, accurate, and unbiased information for crisis-affected populations. This year, the project covered topics such as displaced people, the impact of the crisis on women, and discrimination. It has also helped train journalists and media correspondents in the country. In addition, it has continuously sought to evolve its themes and formats to best meet a demand for quality and engage its online community.